Roy L Whistler International Award in Carbohydrate Chemistry

In 1984, the International Carbohydrate Organization established a US$10,000 award in honour of Professor Roy L Whistler, to recognize scientists ‘who have made contributions of excellence in carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry and with promise of continuing significant contributions’. This award is presented following the Opening Ceremony of an International Carbohydrate Symposium.

Award winners:

Hermen Overkleeft (2024)

Biao Yu (2022)

Yasuhiro Kajihara (2020)

David Crich (2018)

Benjamin G. Davis (2016)

Geert-Jan Boons (2014)

Peter Seeberger (2012)

Jesús Jiménez-Barbero (2010)

Carolyn Bertozzi and Yukishige Ito (Joint 2008 Winners)

Gideon Davies (2006)

Anne Imberty and Thomas Peters (2004)

Steve Withers (2002)

Anne Dell (2000)

Ole Hindsgaul (1998)

Constant van Boeckel and Maurice Petitou (1996)

Chi-Huey Wong (1994)

Andrea Vasella (1992)

Johannis Kamerling (1990)

David Bundle (1988)

Klaus Bock (1986)

Tomoya Ogawa (1984)

The the Whistler Award guidelines and 2016 nomination form are available from the links. If you wish to view these guidelines in html format, please click here.

ICO Whistler Award 2024 Call for nominations
Whistler Award Procedures_2023
Whistler Award Procedures_2023